Roger Gracie BJJ Competion Breakdown

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This is a breakdown of every Roger Gracie Brazilian jiu jitsu competition available on Youtube. Roger is one of the most renowned and successful jiu jitsu competitors in the world. He is known for using simple, fundamental moves to secure victories, and his techniques are worth closer study.

This is a work in progress. I'll add videos over time.

FEEDBACK: If you notice a mislabeled move, missing technique or any other mistake you can submit feedback through this form.

Roger Gracie vs Marcus Almeida (Buchecha) - 2017

  • Buchecha shoots for several inside single legs
  • Roger pulls guard at ~8:00
  • Roger gets cross-arm control (possible setup for hip bump sweep) and moves to the side ~8:17
  • Buchecha turns into him, Roger traps Bechecha's leg ~8:19
  • Buchecha turns away and inverts closing guard on Roger ~8:22
  • Buchecha opens legs attempting a sweep Roger--Roger pressures down and walks around back ~8:28
  • Buchecha attempts to stand up, but Roger puts in hooks and takes him to the ground ~8:30
  • Roger grabs the cross lapel grips ~8:40
  • Roger submits Buchecha with a cross-lapel choke from back ~8:55

Buchecha is a world-class jiu jitsu champion with an especially effective single-leg takedown. For much of the beginning Roger is using his head position to block Buchecha from getting close and lifting Bucheda's belt to keep him from getting under Roger.

Roger Gracie vs Rodrigo Medeiros (Comprido)

  • Comprido reaches for a single leg ~2:10
  • Roger secures far arm to defend attacks on other leg
  • Comprido goes for a takedown putting weight and direction against Roger ~2:51
  • Roger gets hooks in and and wrist control ~2:51
  • Roger transitions to full guard ~2:59
  • Roger pulls Comprido's arm across his chest and reaches for around his back to grab his far lapel, sweeps at 4:16
    • this is a common sweep used by Roger -- if you know the name of this sweep please message me using the form above
  • Comprido rolls to his side and Roger takes his back with one hook in ~4:31
  • Roger grabs inside wrist control ~4:50
  • Roger gives it up and starts searching for lapels ~4:58
  • Roger transitions to S-mount searching for near arm ~6:20
  • Roger secures far arm ~6:30
  • Roger transitions to near-side armbar, Comprido taps at 6:49

A relatively quick match, Comprido uses a single-leg, which remains a very popular and effective takedown even at the top levels of jiu jitsu. Roger transitions to full guard as he often does in competition and uses a very basic, but well-executed sweep to gain mount and work to an armbar. Note how patient and deliberate Roger is moving between positions leaving little opportunity to slip out.